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92% of Bioniq members improve their mictronutrient status in 3 months - you can start now.
Skin, hair and nails
Memory and focus
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Begin your wellness journey with Bioniq

Month 1

After about 4 weeks, you may start to feel higher energy levels. Your sleep may start to improve.

Month 3

Within 3 months, you may start seeing improvements in your skin, hair and nails and finding it easier to recover from workouts.

Month 6

Once you go personalized, you'll never go back. You’ll find yourself telling  your friends how smart you've been to join the future of personalized health.

How will your formula look? Take the Quiz to find out!

Your formula is 100% personalized, made and engineered for you based on your Quiz results.
Results calculated precisely for you
Focus on improving energy, immune health, focus, performance, longevity and gut health!
Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Phytonutrients,
Amino Acids, and more!
Based on Swiss research
No two formulas are the same
Option to order your exact formula
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Why choose Bioniq?

Bioniq gives you PRECISELY THE RIGHT micronutrients FOR YOUR BODY, without guesswork.
Bioniq is the only supplement that ACCOUNTS FOR BMI, health goals, and lifestyle. That’s how you get just the right amount of vitamins.
Bioniq is an ALL-IN-ONE. Throw out your other supplements. Your Bioniq formula has up to 53 different nutrients in one dose.

Rated “Excellent”

Among more than 100,000 members

Jessica Garon
Love the company!
Love what the company is doing in terms of personalized supplements! The customer service was excellent! They answered all my questions! The nutritionist was very knowledgable and was very helpful !
Laith Mosleh
I had a fantastic experience
And received valuable information about my health. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking helpful insights.
Highly recommend This has just been an amazing…
This has just been an amazing experience from start to finish. The service is exceptional. Had blood test at Trafford centre with a lovely well trained nurse. Results back and consultation with a nutritionist within 4 days. And 2 days after that the products for the month arrived at my home. They have been so easy to deal professional knowledgeable and supportive.
Highly recommend
I have been always thinking why don’t anyone create supplements based on your blood test and what you actually need in your body. Until I found Bioniq I was so happy to try it! Since I started trying it for a month now I have seen a difference in my sleep, my skin and my whole energy level. I have been taking multivitamin products in the past but nothing to compare to bioniq really loving my supplements right now and the effect I see on my body.
Started Bioniq … haven’t looked back!
I have been taking Bioniq for the last 9 months and it was the best decision I have made for my health in recent years.Much more energy and love regularly speaking with my nutritionist. Have also used them for their gut health and food intolerance tests!
Supplements made simple!
Supplements made simple! Getting my blood work done and having a consultation to understand the areas I needed improvement on was fantastic. I now have a better understanding of my body and how I can keep myself at peak performance mentally and physically.Taking the supplements is simple and I have been feeling great since taking them. Bioniq has also minimised my vitamin cupboard dramatically.Looking forward to getting my blood work taken again and seeing how my results have changed.

We’re Similar but not the Same

All humans need similar nutrients, but not the same supplements. The foods you choose, your body mass, your health profile all impact what you need... your supplements should account for these to support your foundational health.

How we customize each formula

Once you order your tailor-made Bioniq supplements, a healthcare professional alongside the help of our patented algorithm engineers your formula.
We precisely measure out each compound by hand in accordance with your results, and bottle them specifically for you.
We print a custom label (with your name on it) and ship your Bioniq to your doorstep.


How does the health quiz work?

The health quiz will tell you exactly which micronutrients you should be taking. Your results are calculated specifically for you, using an AI that takes into consideration many aspects of your background, such as your lifestyle, physique, diet, health conditions, age, gender, health goals and other factors. It is the ONLY vitamin quiz that takes into account your BMI.

All you need is 4 minutes of your time to complete the free quiz.

How are my results determined?

Our AI system creates a 100% personalized supplement formula specifically for you. The formula is determined by finding correlations between your responses with a massive proprietary database of people who have completed both the same quiz AND a 50 parameter blood test. We can then make a 100% personalized supplement based on your supplement ‘recipe’.

How accurate is the customization process?

Thanks to our proprietary database of 6 million biochemical data points, our algorithm offers over 10 million possible combinations for your formula.  We ensure accuracy by taking into consideration many aspects of your health background and body metrics, as well as your concerns and health goals. Bioniq is the only company on the market that analyzes your BMI to produce the most precise dosage of micronutrients according to your weight and height to make sure your body gets exactly what it needs.

Is the quiz free?

Yes, the quiz is completely FREE, and can give you some interesting insights into your potential nutrient deficiencies. Once you complete the quiz, your Bioniq GO formula recipe will be ready to view. To purchase your exact formula, simply choose your package after you’ve taken the quiz.

How can I interpret my results?

Once you complete the quiz you will see a page with your exact formula. We can offer you a nutritionist consultation with your GO purchase, or you can take your results to your doctor, or other health professional.

What should I do with my results?

After you view your formula, you can proceed to purchase the product and we will then produce your 100% personalized supplements and ship them to your doorstep.

Who is Bioniq?

Bioniq makes the world’s most personalized supplements. Since 2012, we have built a world-leading database of over 6 million biochemical data points and a patented algorithm. This has allowed us to create a personalized health optimization plan for each of our customers. To learn more, send us an email at go@bioniq.com

How do I cancel my Bioniq subscription?

If you need to cancel your Bioniq subscription, please reach out to our team at go@bioniq.com with your account details and request. We’ll guide you through the process and proceed to confirm your cancellation once validated.

How does the Bioniq GO subscription work?

Your Bioniq Go subscription provides you with:

  • A 3-month supply of personalized supplements
  • A Travel Case for convenient storage
  • Personalized consultation for health and lifestyle advice
  • Access to online fitness classes via the Bioniq App

Subscription Terms:

  • Minimum 3-Month Commitment: Your subscription requires a minimum commitment of three months. This ensures that you have ample time to experience the benefits of the Bioniq program and make meaningful progress towards your health goals.
  • Monthly Billing: At the beginning of each cycle (3 months) you will receive all the nutrients you need for that cycle. However, subsequent payments will be invoiced monthly for the duration of the subscription. In this way, you have uninterrupted access to personalized supplements and support.

{{Name’s Formula}}

includes %x% nutrients
1. Vitamin A
-- mg
-- %
2. Vitamin E
-- mg
-- %
3. Vitamin K2
-- mg
-- %
4. Vitamin B1
-- mg
-- %
5. Niacin
-- mg
-- %
6. Magnesium
-- mg
-- %
7. Copper
-- mg
-- %
8. Iodine
-- mg
-- %
9. Zinc
-- mg
-- %
10. Manganese
-- mg
-- %
11. Potassium
-- mg
-- %
12. Selenium
-- mg
-- %
13. Chromium
-- mg
-- %
14. Molybdenum
-- mg
-- %
15. Choline
-- mg
-- %
16. β-Carotene
-- mg
-- %
17. Bioflavonoids
-- mg
-- %
18. Inositol
-- mg
-- %
19. Luteine
-- mg
-- %
20. PABA
-- mg
-- %
* — %NRV — nutrient reference value
** — no NRV established