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Jessica Garon
Love the company!
Love what the company is doing in terms of personalized supplements! The customer service was excellent! They answered all my questions! The nutritionist was very knowledgable and was very helpful !
Laith Mosleh
I had a fantastic experience
And received valuable information about my health. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking helpful insights.
Highly recommend This has just been an amazing…
This has just been an amazing experience from start to finish. The service is exceptional. Had blood test at Trafford centre with a lovely well trained nurse. Results back and consultation with a nutritionist within 4 days. And 2 days after that the products for the month arrived at my home. They have been so easy to deal professional knowledgeable and supportive.
Highly recommend
I have been always thinking why don’t anyone create supplements based on your blood test and what you actually need in your body. Until I found Bioniq I was so happy to try it! Since I started trying it for a month now I have seen a difference in my sleep, my skin and my whole energy level. I have been taking multivitamin products in the past but nothing to compare to bioniq really loving my supplements right now and the effect I see on my body.
Started Bioniq … haven’t looked back!
I have been taking Bioniq for the last 9 months and it was the best decision I have made for my health in recent years.Much more energy and love regularly speaking with my nutritionist. Have also used them for their gut health and food intolerance tests!
Supplements made simple!
Supplements made simple! Getting my blood work done and having a consultation to understand the areas I needed improvement on was fantastic. I now have a better understanding of my body and how I can keep myself at peak performance mentally and physically.Taking the supplements is simple and I have been feeling great since taking them. Bioniq has also minimised my vitamin cupboard dramatically.Looking forward to getting my blood work taken again and seeing how my results have changed.