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Deficiencies in Iron and other minerals may result in hair loss, and can be corrected with the right daily nutrient intake.

Your personalized formula contains Key ingredients for stronger hair


Plays role in proliferation of hair growth fibroblasts


Prevention of iron-deficiency associated with hair loss


Possibly inhibits hair follicle regression and supports its recovery

Vitamin C

Antioxidant properties, reduces exposure to chemicals, supports collagen production

Vitamin E

Promotes Vitamin C antioxidant properties, provides UVR protection effects


Supports thyroid function that can affect hair growth
All delivered in doses unique to your needs

Take the Quiz & discover your personalized formula with up to 53 components today!

Our Quiz is based on years of scientific research, and gives us all the data we need to assess your likely nutrient deficiencies and create your tailored formula.

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What makes Bioniq different from other supplements?

Patented granules for maximum absorption

Our patented granules are a revolutionary delivery mechanism for supplements. We’ve chosen these unique granules to ensure you get the best delivery of the nutrients your body needs.

Precise dosage

Your 100% tailor-made supplements are designed to deliver precisely what your body needs. At exactly the right levels to help optimize your health. No guessing.

Gluten -
Colorant -
Vegan -

How will your formula look? Take the Quiz to find out!

Your formula is 100% personalized, made and engineered for you based on your Quiz results.
Results calculated precisely for you
Focus on improving energy, immune health, focus, performance, longevity and gut health!
Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Phytonutrients,
Amino Acids, and more!
Based on Swiss research
No two formulas are the same
Option to order your exact formula
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See what members are saying about Bioniq

“As I'm getting older, I can definitely feel the difference from taking the right supplements to make sure that my health is optimized.”

Emma Thornton

Former Nike and Chanel Executive, Cancer Survivor
Bioniq Member since 2023

“By taking Bioniq, which gives me exactly what my body needs, I’ve been able to nourish myself from the inside out, to achieve that complexion and that glow I want from my skin.”

Clarissa Lenherr

Bioniq Member since 2019

Rated “Excellent”

Among more than 100,000 members

Silvia Marti
Hurray Bionic
Bioniq has played a crucial role as my primary support during the challenging phase of menopause. There was a time when I found myself taking up to 13 different supplements, lacking clarity on what I was consuming and whether it was the most suitable form for my needs. Now, with Bioniq, I have consolidated everything into one comprehensive solution. This not only offers remarkable convenience but also ensures that I do not compromise on quality. I can confidently affirm that I feel significantly better since making the switch! Thank you!!
Love the product
Bioniq finally allows me to have a personalized supplement as I struggle to swallow a single pill, let alone several. I’m able to take this granules without issue. I signed up for the free nutrition consultation as well. Sarah is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and had great tips and information to help me along my health and wellness journey.
These vitamins are so good.
These vitamins are so good. I have NEVER taken a vitamin that did not make me sick. No stomach upset, just feeling stronger. 3 months in and all my bloodwork was in healthy ranges. Fantastic. Can't wait for the second shipment to keep this going. Love that I could keep the B vitamins out as they typically cause me problems. Without them in the mix......Fabuloso!!
sarah moghnieh
Highly Recommended
I’ve been using Bioniq pro supplements for 6 months now, and I’m really impressed. It almost instantly helped boost my energy and my overall health.
Lara Wainwright
Very happy!
Great communication, quick to respond to enquiries, so nice to get the vitamins you are defficient in to improve your overall health. Constantly changing and updating to improve service, packaging and environmental footprint. I feel great on bionics and as a menopausal women, that's hard to achieve. Definitely worth becoming a regular client of Bionics and have recommended it to all my friends and family. The only difficulty they have is the cost as it is pricey, but for me worth it.
Gloria Sallangou
Great granules!
Initially, I hesitated about trying Bioniq's granules, as I typically used capsules or powders. Following my client manager's suggestion, I started adding them to yogurt in the first few days, and it worked well! After three months, I've noticed a significant boost in energy, and I find the granules much more convenient than my previous routine.

How we customize each formula

Once you order your tailor-made Bioniq supplements, a healthcare professional alongside the help of our patented algorithm engineers your formula.
We precisely measure out each compound by hand in accordance with your results, and bottle them specifically for you.
We print a custom label (with your name on it) and ship your Bioniq to your doorstep.


How does the health quiz work?

The health quiz will tell you exactly which micronutrients you should be taking. Your results are calculated specifically for you, using an AI that takes into consideration many aspects of your background, such as your lifestyle, physique, diet, health conditions, age, gender, health goals and other factors. It is the ONLY vitamin quiz that takes into account your BMI.

All you need is 4 minutes of your time to complete the free quiz.

How are my results determined?

Our AI system creates a 100% personalized supplement formula specifically for you. The formula is determined by finding correlations between your responses with a massive proprietary database of people who have completed both the same quiz AND a 50 parameter blood test. We can then make a 100% personalized supplement based on your supplement ‘recipe’.

How accurate is the customization process?

Thanks to our proprietary database of 6 million biochemical data points, our algorithm offers over 10 million possible combinations for your formula.  We ensure accuracy by taking into consideration many aspects of your health background and body metrics, as well as your concerns and health goals. Bioniq is the only company on the market that analyzes your BMI to produce the most precise dosage of micronutrients according to your weight and height to make sure your body gets exactly what it needs.

Is the quiz free?

Yes, the quiz is completely FREE, and can give you some interesting insights into your potential nutrient deficiencies. Once you complete the quiz, your Bioniq GO formula recipe will be ready to view. To purchase your exact formula, simply choose your package after you’ve taken the quiz.

How can I interpret my results?

Once you complete the quiz you will see a page with your exact formula. We can offer you a nutritionist consultation with your GO purchase, or you can take your results to your doctor, or other health professional.

What should I do with my results?

After you view your formula, you can proceed to purchase the product and we will then produce your 100% personalized supplements and ship them to your doorstep.

Who is Bioniq?

Bioniq makes the world’s most personalized supplements. Since 2012, we have built a world-leading database of over 6 million biochemical data points and a patented algorithm. This has allowed us to create a personalized health optimization plan for each of our customers. To learn more, send us an email at

How do I cancel my Bioniq subscription?

If you need to cancel your Bioniq subscription, please reach out to our team at with your account details and request. We’ll guide you through the process and proceed to confirm your cancellation once validated.

How does the Bioniq GO subscription work?

Your Bioniq Go subscription provides you with:

  • A 3-month supply of personalized supplements
  • A Travel Case for convenient storage
  • Personalized consultation for health and lifestyle advice
  • Access to online fitness classes via the Bioniq App

Subscription Terms:

  • Minimum 3-Month Commitment: Your subscription requires a minimum commitment of three months. This ensures that you have ample time to experience the benefits of the Bioniq program and make meaningful progress towards your health goals.
  • Monthly Billing: At the beginning of each cycle (3 months) you will receive all the nutrients you need for that cycle. However, subsequent payments will be invoiced monthly for the duration of the subscription. In this way, you have uninterrupted access to personalized supplements and support.

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